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Summer Reading 2022: Middle School


Q. Where is the Middle School Reading list?

A: Click HERE or use the tabs at the left of this page!

Q: How many books do I need to read this summer? 

A: At least 3, and ideally, more! Please note that 2 of those 3 should be from the Middle School List. We also understand if you find gems on the Lower or Upper School lists. Perhaps you even remember one from last year's list that you meant to read. You can explore all those options by visiting the tab up top entitled, "Summer Reading Home."

Q: Your description of the book is so short!  How can I can read more about each title?

A: Click on the title of the book to be taken to a lengthy description of the book's plot on If you fall in love with it, you can also purchase book through this site, which helps support independent bookstores.

Q: Why do 2 of the 3 books I need to read this summer have to come from one of Chapin's lists?

A: Books that appear on Chapin’s lists are available at our library. These books are also more likely to have been read by your classmates and teachers at Chapin, which means you’ll be able to compare notes when you return in September.  Finally, it means that, if you love a book from our lists, you can help that title go viral in our community by encouraging others to borrow it, too. (Are you getting why I titled this year's list Viral in a Good Way?)

Q: I am a slow reader. What can I do if 3 books feels like a lot?  

A: One thing to keep in mind is that we’ve included a handful of graphic novels.  We also suggest that you try reading along to an e-audiobook on Sora, which can help you establish a better rhythm as a reader. Finally, feel free to reach out to me via email (ngoldberg [at] so I can find out what books have worked for you in the past, and tailor my recommendations just for you.

Q: How should I keep track of the books I read? 

A: Index cards! Led by our faculty, and Middle School leaders in Class 7, we will be gathering in small groups next September so that you can share the love, and help strengthen our vibrant reading community. In preparation for that, please take some time to make an index card about each book you read. 

Q: What should go on each index card?

A: The index card needs to have 4 things on it: 

  • 1st Line: Your First Name + Last Name + Your Year of Graduation

  • 2nd Line: Title of the Book You Read

  • 3rd Line:  Author of the Book You Read

  • 4th Line to the Bottom of the Index Card:   Number of Stars (Out of 10 Stars) + 3 or 4 sentences explaining why you gave it this rating!

Q: Where do I find these books?

A: The call number for our library copy is listed right underneath the title. To make shopping a little easier, we've also included a link for every title to, which helps support independent bookstores. You may also be able to find these books for FREE at public libraries – many of which allow you to reserve the titles online, before even arriving at the branch!  

Q: I'm notice that some books have been tagged with brief thematic descriptions and a "Lexile." Please tell me more.

The thematic descriptions and plot summaries come from our library database, NoveList Plus. Click here for an explanation of how Lexile relates to the classroom leveling system that Chapin uses, Fountas & Pinnell. Finally, please bear in mind that the Chapin Library's collection is not leveled. The Lexile given is intended to be a rough guide, and is by no means infallible. The same is true for the suggested grade ranges that have been indicated.