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Summer Reading 2021: Middle School


It's the 2021 Middle School Summer Reading List! 

Here you will find over 150 books all hand-picked by Ms. Goldberg for their fascinating characters, gorgeous writing, important themes, and overall excellence.


All Middle School students are requested to read a minimum of 3 books over the summer, including at least 2 books from this Summer Reading List. As you read, look for ways that characters "reconnect" -- with themselves, others, or things that they care about. Then, write down a specific quote from a book of your choosing that you feel truly represents connection, or re-connection. This will be the basis for conversations and activities you will do with your classmates and teachers in the fall.


This year, instead of organizing books by grade level, we have chosen to organize books by genre so that Chapin students can quickly find their soon-to-be new favorite titles. We recommend reading reviews like those found on Amazon or Common Sense Media to make informed choices about one's individual readiness for particular titles.


In an effort to ensure access, a number of these titles have been made available as either eBooks or audiobooks through OverDrive, Chapin’s digital library provider. A link has been provided following the description of the book when that is the case. OverDrive’s reading platform for schools is called Sora, and it can be accessed through a computer or downloaded as an app on various devices. In order to access any of the titles, all you need is your Chapin library number.


If you do not know your Chapin library number, simply send an email to Ms. Goldberg ( or Ms. Davis (


If you have never used Sora before, this video will walk you through how it works step-by-step, and show you how to connect with a public library!


Have a wonderful, book-filled summer!

Ms. Goldberg