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2021 Summer Reading Lists


The Chapin Librarians are thrilled to share the 2021 Summer Reading Lists with you!

Summer is finally drawing near and we couldn't be more excited. Not just for the nice weather, frozen yogurts, and unlimited reading time, though – it's because things are starting to feel better. Restaurants are opening up, more people are outside, and friends and family are able to get together in ways they weren't able to last summer. We're finding one another again, and the joy of that radiates out from our students' faces like sunshine.


The Chapin librarians wanted to celebrate that this year in our summer reading list: the thrill of connection after so much isolation. In the summer reading lists for all three divisions, you'll see sections dedicated to connecting and re-connecting. Stories about people reaching out to others or finding themselves. Stories that will connect you with nature, with our history, and with the possibilities of our future. Stories that make you want to read more. Stories that you'll want to talk about.


Like last year's list, whenever a book is available digitally through the Annenberg Center for Learning and Research, you will see a link that will take you directly to the title so you can check it out. We have also included links to eBooks and audiobooks when those titles are available through the Hudson Valley Library Association (a consortium of independent school libraries), the New York Public Library, and the Queens Public Library. As always, a public library card can open up a world of stories and resources, and we highly encourage all members of the Chapin community to get one (online) at their local branch.


Summer is the time to read languorously, diversely, and with pleasure. We are confident that the titles in our 2021 Summer Readings Lists lists will capture imaginations and hearts, and connect you to a myriad of worlds, ideas, and people.


Take care,

Liza Oldham, Director of the Annenberg Center for Learning and Research
Natasha Goldberg, Middle School Librarian
Christina Kover, Lower School Librarian
Lucy Davis, Library Associate