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Summer Reading 2023: Middle School

It's the 2023 Middle School Summer Reading List for Incoming Classes 4-7!

The Middle School Summer Reading List at Chapin serves as your guide to books we consider highlights of the last two years, plus some older and timeless titles that continue to trend with our Middle School's voracious readers. In each genre, you'll find titles organized by grade: recommendations for rising 4s and 5s, and then recommendations for rising 6s and 7s. The grade range suggestions are based on reviews from professional trade publications like School Library Journal and The Horn Book. As always, we encourage you to be mindful of book reviews as you select titles with your child as there might be some books that inspire your child to read "up" or "down" from the suggested grade levels. We recommend reading reviews like those found on Amazon or Common Sense Media to make informed choices about your child's individual readiness for particular titles.


Is there an assignment? 

As we did last year, we ask that students write two book reviews using this review form. You can also find a pdf of the review form at the bottom of this page. Students will bring their reviews to their Advisor the first week of school and we will display them on the bulletin board outside of the library.


Are these books available for free on SORA, or other e-reading platforms?

Yes! If you're hoping to read one of these on a personal electronic device, consider me your book concierge and email me at I'd be happy to help guide you through the process! I also love helping students find their next great read over the summer, so email me about that, as well.


Where can I find more recommendations?

If you are looking for more great titles to enjoy this summer, check out our list of Old & New Classic Read-Alouds. We also recommend the Newbery Medal winners and honors, which is awarded yearly to "the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children." You can find more literary awards and honor lists here.


Can I print the whole MS Summer Reading List out?

Yes! You can find a printable pdf version of the list here and at the bottom of this page.


Have a wonderful, book-filled summer!

Ms. Goldberg, Middle School Librarian